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House Graph

Cotton fabric was sewn together and covers the house to conceal and hide the true nature of the space. This being a metaphor for how families often hide and conceal secrets and information about what happens inside their homes. Standing on the roof as it was raining, pigment dye was thrown onto the pitch to slowly bleed and dye the fabric. The dye being the hidden information that slowly bleeds out and is shown to the world. The color is a gradation of the rainbow standing for my own sexuality that I had to suppress in my youth at home for so many years.

The weaving aspects works on time and documentation. The photograph is the decisive documentation of a singular moment as the fabric was drying. While the fabric is the physical documentation of the space, imprinted with the shingle marks, pitch of roof and height of structure. Weaving these 2 documentations together I again hide and conceal information from both creating a new pseudo-abstract reality for the viewer to try to understand.